Specific Training Courses already delivered
are available on the following topics:

●  Basic Trans* Awareness and Equality Training.

●  Caring for Trans* children and young Trans* people.

●  Co-production as a tool in improving the provision of Health
    and other public services for Trans* people.

●  Dealing with Trans* enquiries from the media and appearing in the media.

●  Genes and hormones; why people are Trans*.

●  Hate Crime – both Transphobic and Homophobic;
    understanding, reporting, minimising and staying safe.

●  Older LGBT people and their requirements and treatment in Social Care,
    Care Homes and NHS geriatric and palliative care.

●  Organising the Trans* community for empowerement, engagement and activism.

●  Recruiting and retaining Trans* staff.

●  Staging Transgender Day of Remembrance and other events.

●  Standards of Care for Gender Diverse people.

●  Staying safe as a Trans* person in wider society.

●  Tackling Transphobic and Homophobic bullying in schools.

●  The treatment of Transsexual people with Cross Sex Hormones, both regulated and
    unregulated; the dangers and probable consequences of unregulated treatment.

●  Trans* 101.

●  Trans* 101 for teachers and children centred organisations.

●  Trans* and sexual health needs – good practice and engagement.

●  Trans* and the media – the Good, the Bad and the plain Ugly;
    representation of Trans* people in the media.

●  Trans* Care Pathway, both medical and non-medical.

●  Trans* Good Practice in the media (Press, TV, Radio, Films and Social Media).

●  Trans* people and their partners and families.

●  Trans* people of faith and in religious life.

●  Trans* statistics and epidemiology.

●  Trans* - the Gender Recognition Act and Same Sex Marriage.

●  Transgender and health, including NHS and private healthcare.

●  Transgender and Leisure & Fitness Centres.

●  Transgender and the Equalities Legislation.

●   Transgender and the Legal System,
     including all current legislation affecting Trans* people.

●  Transgender and young people.

●  Transgender history over 3 millennia.

●  Transgender housing requirements.

●  Transgender Quiz.

●  Transitioning at work and Transitioning Road Map.

●  Using Social Media to engage with Trans* people.