Committee 5


Elen Heart (Secretary & Treasurer)

Unlike many Trans-people, I did not realise that I was transgender until fairly recently, though I have known for a long lime that I was not 'normal'.

My first mentors were two transsexual women, and I soon realised that I was more than a cross-dresser.  I don’t think I am transsexual, though I live much of my life as Elen.  For the present I simply enjoy my life as a trans-girl.  In 2011 I married another trans woman, Jenny-Anne, and now divide my time between working in the trans community and being a housewife.

My aim for Unique is to emphasise the positive aspects of being transgender.  I like to think that we help trans people take those first crucial steps out of the closet, to make friends and find a new exciting life.

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